Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to the Jubilation Creations®, Inc. Blog!

Hello Special Needs Families, Friends, and Supporters!

I'm excited to welcome you all to our Jubilations Creations® BLOG!  This social networking this is amazing, isn't it?  We hope to enjoy blogging with you, and having you blog with us!

Our very special consumers each have their own unique talents and love for creativity. My staff and I share the same love for arts & crafts, as well as for each and every person who spends creative time with us!  I am so proud of them, as well as of our excellent reputation, and of how we've grown in such a short time!  Always with a goal in mind, I hope to bring our message of "the joy of creativity without limits..." to many more special needs individuals in the next few years.

Please help us grow!  Today is the deadline to vote for Jubilation Creations® as one of America's "Great Non Profits".  All we need is 10 votes to get extra attention, but we've love to get many more!  Please click into this link, and write in a favorable review.  Ask your friends and families as well!  Help us to keep growing and to share as much creative joy with as many special needs craft artists as we can!

Here's the link:

Thank you!  We'll let you know how we did!

Have a great evening, and sincere best wishes for a safe and happy Fourth of July Holiday!